Mastering Scalping with Forex Factory: The Complete Guide to Short-Term Trading

If you’re looking to make a profit in the Forex trading market, you’ll find that short-term trading, or scalping, is an excellent way to gain an edge. Scalping involves taking advantage of small market movements, and can result in trades lasting only a few seconds or a few minutes. However, mastering this technique requires a thorough understanding of the market, market indicators, and scalping strategies. Fortunately, Forex Factory is here to assist you in mastering the art of scalping. In this article, we will provide a complete guide to short-term trading with Forex Factory.

Forex Factory: An Overview

Forex Factory is an online forum and website that provides real-time news, analysis, and trading tools for Forex traders. The website features an active discussion forum, where traders can exchange ideas and insights about the market. Additionally, the website offers an extensive library of trading tools and indicators, including a robust economic calendar, trading news, and market analysis.

How to Use Forex Factory for Scalping

There are several tools and resources available on Forex Factory that can help you be a successful scalper. Here are some of the key features that can assist you in your scalping journey.

Economic Calendar

Forex Factory’s economic calendar is one of the most comprehensive and detailed available. Traders can filter events by country, date, and impact level, allowing them to focus on relevant news. Scalpers need to have a keen eye on news releases, as these events can cause significant market fluctuations in a short period.

Market Analysis

Forex Factory provides daily market analysis, which can help scalpers identify market trends, key levels, and potential trading opportunities. The website’s analysis is prepared by experienced traders and is based on a combination of technical and fundamental factors.

Technical Analysis

For scalpers, technical analysis is a crucial component of their trading strategy. Forex Factory offers an extensive library of indicators and tools that can help scalpers identify market trends and key levels. In addition, there is a community of traders who share their strategies and insights, making it a great resource for learning new trading techniques.

Scalping Strategies

Forex Factory’s discussion forum is a valuable resource for scalpers. The forum provides access to a community of experienced traders who share their insights and expertise. Traders can learn about different scalping strategies, such as price action trading, scalping off moving averages, and scalping using indicators.


Scalping requires discipline, patience and a thorough understanding of the market and market indicators. Forex Factory provides traders with the necessary resources to become successful scalpers. Through the use of its economic calendar, market analysis, technical analysis tools, and discussion forum, traders can identify trading opportunities, develop scalping strategies, and ultimately hone their scalping skills. If you want to be a successful scalper, Forex Factory is an essential resource to help you achieve your goals.

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